Hopefully you’ve realised by this point that this site isn’t so much about R as it is the R ecosystem and infrastructure around R. So it’s not the best place for information on writing production R. If that’s what you’re interested in though, the broader R community has you covered.

Here are some links to the best resources for writing better R code:

Absolute beginners

Starting out

Version Control

  • Jenny Bryan and team’s “Happy git with R” is a fantastic starting point for using git (and specifically GitHub.com) for version control.

More advanced users

  • The “Efficient R Programming” book, by Colin Gillespie and Robin Lovelace is an excellent resource for squeezing maximum performance from the language.
  • Hadley Wickham’s “Advanced R”, is hugely well regarded exploration of some more advanced topics.


  • Shiny in production (Kelly O’Briant and Sean Lopp): a supplement to the ‘Shiny in Production’ 2 day workshop delivered at RStudio::conf 2019.

Other resources

If you’d like to suggest other useful resources, please raise an issue in this site’s GitHub repo.